Show Racism the red card

We have worked with 580 adults across Scotland as part of inclusive digital workplace sessions. These workshops have ranged from introductions to identifying the many forms racism can take in the workplace, to more intermediate level sessions on intersectionality and challenging structural systems of oppression.
With at least three incidents of racist abuse reported by Scottish football clubs in the past month, the rise in social media abuse highlights the ease of which anonymous individuals can target people for their ethnicity, religion or nationality without fear of repercussions. We are thrilled to be working with Livingston captain Marvin Bartley on upcoming educational films on online abuse and taking the knee.
For a little Monday morning lift… we received a donation just before Christmas. A pupil from a school in Edinburgh we had visited asked his friends to, instead of giving him birthday money this year, to donate to Show Racism the Red Card. Read the full story here.
With more than 2,200 incidents of racist bullying recorded over the last three years – representing just those that have been reported and recorded – the demand for anti-racist educational support is as high as it’s ever been.   We want to help. We are working with young people and teachers over Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. Last year following our workshops, 81% of participants indicated they were more confident identifying and challenging racism.   Help us to share our Creative Competition to schools and councils – this is a great, free initiative that teachers can use to introduce anti-racism while learning-from-home. The deadline is 7th May 2021.
Creative Competition 2021
We also have an exciting opportunity to join our team on an initial 21hrs per week contract. As a charity, we don’t have an ad budget therefore we rely on our supporters to share this across their relevant networks. We would be truly grateful if you could help us promote this new role.