2022 Pay claim

Further to our branch consultation, discussion with the other SJC trade unions and as unanimously agreed by the Local Government Committee, see the SJC Joint Trade Union 2022 pay claim.  

Our claim is for:

  • A settlement that runs for the period 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023. 
  • A £3,000 flat rate increase to all spinal column points (based on a 35 hour working week).   
  • An underpinning minimum rate of pay of £12 per hour. 
  • The payment of SSSC fees for all by 1st April 2022 and completion of the review, established as part of our 2021 settlement, of all other professional fees incurred by members in the course of their employment by March 2023.  
  • Early completion of the review, established as part of our 2021 settlement, on how we achieve a no detriment reduction in the working week. 
  • Agreement to change the national calculator for the normal working week to 35 hours. 
  • An agreement that in future all allowances are automatically uprated in line with October inflation rates. 
  • Agreement of home/hybrid working guidance that provides appropriate recompense for expenses incurred as a result of home/hybrid working. 
  • A review of the job evaluation scores for roles that have changed during the period of the pandemic and/or have new additional qualification requirements. 
  • No less than parity with other local government bargaining groups. 
  • Early commencement of negotiations with a clear expectation of settlement implementation by 1 April review date.  

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