Health and Social Care Workforce Plan

Over the next five years, the Strategy commits to increasing the NHS workforce by 1,800 full-time posts – these posts are in addition to projected required workforce growth. Later this year the Scottish Government will publish, for the first time, projections of required workforce growth across health and social care, which will be reviewed annually. Other key actions include:  

  • Investing £11 million over the parliament to establish the Centre for Workforce Supply and fund recruitment campaigns to grow the health and social care workforce
  • Increasing the number of undergraduate medical school places over the course of this parliament by 500
  • Supporting up to 1,800 training places through the National Transition Training Fund for those interested in roles in adult social care
  • Recruiting 800 additional GPs by 2028
  • Further improving staff wellbeing measures
  • Increasing frontline health spending by at least 20% over this parliament and 
  • Increasing adult social care investment by at least by 25%

You can read the full plan here: (though think twice before pressing print – it’s 78 pages long!)

And some coverage of it here and 

Modelling the Epidemic

The latest edition of Modelling the Epidemic is now out here:

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