Vote Yes! Vote Now!

Having consistently worked above and beyond to keep our key services going over the past 2 years of the pandemic, and with the cost of living spiraling, COSLA’s offer of a 2% increase is nothing short of an insult.

Whilst politicians have raced to praise your efforts their warm words have not been matched by action.

Earlier this year we ran an online consultation to see what you and other local government members thought of the employers 2022 pay offer.  It was no surprise that the overwhelming majority of you voted to reject the offer and indicated your willingness to take action to achieve a better deal. 

Nothing has changed since then and we now need you to vote yes to take strike action to remind your employers exactly how you feel.

This offer is derisory.  It is less than the Scottish Public Sector Pay policy, falls far short of our pay claim and is significantly below current levels of inflation.  It will exacerbate the gap between those on the lowest and those on the highest rates of pay.  And it is in sharp contrast to the 5.2% increase that Councillors themselves have just received from 1st April 2022.

You are worth so much more!

Your vote is vital.  The employers aren’t going to rethink unless we stand firm together. Vote yes to strike action to remind your employers that you deserve better.

Johanna Baxter, UNISON Scotland Head of Local Government

Mark Ferguson, UNISON Scotland Chair of Local Government

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