Membership Entitlement: Your FREE £5,000 Accidental Death Cover

UNISON is committed to offering members valuable membership services and we wanted to highlight one of your key membership entitlements which is arranged by UNISONProtect as an approved provider.

Your UNISON membership entitles you to free insurance cover, which pays your loved ones £5,000 if you die from an accident.

Cover is for UK residents aged 18-69. It lasts for one year and then you can renew it again for free. For full terms and conditions, please click here.

Whether you’re renewing your free cover or setting it up for the first time – register online today, it only takes a few minutes!

Register Now

Plus, did you know that your family (UK residents aged 18-69) are also eligible for the cover? Simply ask them to complete the form too.

Following your registration, a UNISONProtect representative will telephone you to set up your free cover and explain the other benefits available.

It’s quick and easy to apply and is yet another reason why it pays to be a UNISON member!

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