Over the Line

This is about your Local Government Pay Ballot. Your pay is very important to UNISON. 

Some important information.

To meet Trade Union Act. Legislation for Industrial Action there is a requirement to have 50% of ballot papers returned.   

Ballot closes on the 26th of July.

If you have not received a ballot paper yet and are working in a School, Waste or Recycling, you should have. It may be that the address we have for you is not up to date.

You should call 0800 0857 857 to request a replacement ballot paper.

Why Local Government Workers Need a decent Pay Rise?

With rising cost, energy, food, fuel inflation is now higher that it has been for generations. At the same time Public Sector pay has stagnated which means every local government worker is now far worse off, with many now having to make choices on what to cut back their spending on.

In comparison to other Public Sector workers our government clearly values NHS workers above those working in Local Government having now offered them a 5% pay increase. The 2% offered to Council Workers does nothing to address the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis or the contribution you have made over the last 2 years during COVID and continue to make.     

Why it is important to return your ballot paper?

To get a better than 2% pay rise, UNISON recommend that the offer is rejected and that you vote for Strike Action.

By failing to return your ballot paper you will effectively be accepting the 2% increase that has been offered with no prosect of bringing the employers back to the negotiating table. If you care about pay now and, in the future, please return you ballot paper today.

Support The Pay Campaign!

Here are some things that members have been doing to support the campaign.

Allans Primary School support worker
Waste services

Watch online:


Get involved!

Post, like, share messages on the branch social media.

Send us a picture of you posting your ballot paper or make a video about why pay is important to you we will share this on our social media pages.

Let’s get this ballot over the line together and get a better pay deal for you, our local government workers.

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