School and early years staff will be on strike

UNISON has sent notices to nine councils across Scotland today the
23/08/2022 that school and early years staff will be on strike on the following dates:

6th, 7th and 8th of September,

This is after a lack of progress in talks with COSLA over council pay.

Staff will disrupt schools, early years centres, nurseries and waste and
recycling centres across Scotland, in the largest strike among council workers
since the Trade Union Act was introduced in 2016.

Members in Schools, Early Years and Nurseries will receive additional
communications over the next few days with more details.

No worker wants to take strike action, but the reality is if we don’t get an approved offer many of our members will be pushed into poverty due to the obscene price increases and blatant profiteering of the big energy and fuel companies.

Disaggregated Strike Action

Rather than calling for a full strike of all workers in the council, selecting smaller groups of workers for industrial action will cause disruption within the employers. This is disaggregated action

Our branch has successfully balloted members in Schools, Nurseries, Waste and Recycling for strike action.

Please support us

We are asking all members to support our strikers and even if you are not being asked to take industrial action there is a vital part you can play to secure better pay for all local government staff. Together We Rise In UNISON

  • Pin badges will be available for you to wear to show your support for the strike.