Radical Social Work Webinar Series

UNISON Scotland/GCU Lunchtime Radical Social Work Webinar Series – Wednesday 5 October 1-2pm

The latest in our Radical Social Work lunchtime webinar series looks at The Impact of the Cost of Living Crisis on the delivery of social work services, speakers from UNISON, Practice, and Citizens Advice Scotland

Here is the link to register for this webinar:

About this event:

Despite the paltry attempt at reducing the impact by the new Westminster Government, the Cost of Living Rises this winter will hit hard on those with the least resilience. Organised workers are rightly demanding decent pay increases but for millions the prospects are grim. Energy price increases impact on every aspect of life – all shop purchases, travel, and of course gas and electricity. This will affect social workers as consumers but will hit the old and vulnerable. Families struggling already are likely to be pushed to the limit. The fact that those with wealth will be barely affected will increase issues of inequality and all the social ills they bringin their wake.

Our speakers this month include a member of a local council Money Matters team who is also a campaigner on the cost of living issues, a front-line social worker who is a UNISON activist, and a senior representative from Citizens Advice Scotland. The event will be chaired by Mo Dickson from Unison Scotland. Detail will be added here as soon as confirmed. Each speaker will present for ten minutes so there is plenty of time for Q&A – and raising issues from the Chat function.

The event will be recorded so if you sign up you are giving consent as a participant.

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