Retired members newsletter

Unions are the solution for the economy and equality

General secretary Christina McAnea and UNISON members
appeared at a special event in Westminster that examined
how both the economy and gender equality can be
boosted through investment in the social care sector.
‘Time to Care’ looked at the key components
that make up the economic case for social care investment
and reform – and why social care should be as important
to our economic infrastructure as the roads and railways.
For example, more people work in social care than for
the NHS – a huge workforce who spend their wages in
local economies. Local job creation also reduces the need
for traveling, making funding for care jobs also a green
And, crucially, a properly funded social care system is
vital to women: not only do they make up the majority of
the care workforce, but women also take on the bulk of
unpaid caring responsibilities, which reduces their ability to
participate in paid employment.
As the UK seeks to recover from COVID-19 and deal
with the worst cost of living crisis in a generation, there is
a pressing need for investment to be prioritised for those
industries that have been particularly badly affected by the
pandemic and those that can bring a boost to our flagging
Social care ticks both of these boxes.

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