Congratulating and thanks

Colleagues I’d like to start congratulating and thanking all those involved in our Local Government Pay Dispute. In eight of our Councils, our waste and recycling workers came together to take strike action, In nine council areas, our schools based members were poised to do likewise. Together this brought about an unprecedented protracted negotiation between the three unions and CoSLA with Scottish Government involvement. Whilst we accept that for some the final offer fell short of their expectations and there’s no doubt for most their rising costs, this did represent a huge shift from the original offer. Our members have voted on the final offer and roughly two-thirds majority have voted to accept. This was absolutely down to the tremendous efforts of our members, activists, branches, and staff working together to deliver effective industrial action. Again, we cannot thank everyone enough for the huge amount of work they did to bring about a much-improved pay settlement. Thank you.  Best wishes, Lorraine Thomson

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