LG Pay – Implementation

Following weeks of repeated requests from us, COSLA finally produced a draft of the pay circular on 7th October. 

It was immediately clear that COSLA was seeking to time limit elements of the offer that had no time limitation on them in either the discussions that took place or the offer letter they sent us (SSSC fees, the day’s annual leave).  On the basis that this draft did not reflect our understanding of the totality of the offer made, and which members voted for, we could not agree to the circular.

We called an urgent meeting with the employer, which was held on Tues 11th Oct. 

UNISON wrote to them following the meeting reiterating the position of the TU side – that there was only a one-time limitation contained within the offer letter (which was on the First Aid allowance), the other elements they were now seeking to time limit were not time limited previously, that it was our joint understanding and that of our members that these elements were offered in perpetuity and that if they had a dispute with the Scottish Government re who was going to pay for them that was for them to resolve.   We reiterated the fact that our strike mandates remain live, strike action has only been suspended, and our position has always been that we will withdraw our notices of action once we are satisfied that the pay award has been implemented in full.

Numerous discussions took place last week where we continued to press COSLA to resolve these issues so that the pay uplift could be paid.  They sent an e-mail at the end of the week which inferred they shared our understanding of the offer but stated that they had to secure confirmation from the Scottish Government.  We responded that any dispute between COSLA and the Scottish Government was a matter for them and should not hold up the increase that our members are well overdue.

We have now escalated the matter to the COSLA Chief Executive.

Please be assured that we are doing everything we possibly can to get this resolved and the uplift paid as soon as possible.

Any members who are due to pay SSSC fees should continue to do so until the pay agreement has been implemented.  SSSC fees paid from 1st April 2022 will have to be repaid to members and the employer needs to come up with a mechanism for doing this.

We will keep you in the loop with any developments.