LG Pay Implementation Update

We advised we would keep you up to date on further implementations regarding the LG pay implementation. As advised previously Stirling Council is working towards having the LG pay settlement implemented in Novembers pay including back pay.  We have been advised yesterday that an additional 1-day of annual leave will be paid for term-time workers in January and for those that will receive this an additional day of annual leave when this will be added soon to your annual leave entitlement, however, we were further advised yesterday by the employer that their interpretation and the lack of reference to a leave year in the COSLA circular, to mean this is a decision for individual authorities to make, as COSLA are aware Local Authorities operate different leave years. Recognising the entitlement to the additional day commenced 1st April 2022, they are proposing to pro-rata this according to a leave year, which runs January to December thus meaning that for this year 2022 Stirling council staff will only receive three-quarters of a day’s leave entitlement. Thereafter staff would then see a full day added to their entitlement, ahead of every new leave year. This is not our interpretation of what was agreed with COSLA  and we are now raising/seeking further clarity on this directly with COSLA.

We have attached guidance on universal credit in line with that issued last year – there is, unfortunately, little that can be done by either the employer or ourselves to mitigate the impact of this on universal credit arrangements as those are governed by HMRC rules, however, should this give you significant concern regarding the impact the pay settlement backdated pay may have on your universal credit we would advise that you contact HR/payroll directly to see what support/help can be given to mitigate any potential loss.

I n relation to the payment of SSSC fees backdated to April 2022 whilst we are also awaiting further information on when/how this will be implemented and how this will be paid/backdated to members we have since heard that the SSSC will be managing any backdated refunds and this process going forward. It is extremely frustrating and unacceptable that UNISON has had to hear this secondhand and has had no communication to date from COSLA regarding this. In the meantime, until you hear otherwise if you are due to pay SSSC fees you must pay them.

Once we have further information on any developments we will keep you updated at the soonest opportunity.