Online Reps Conference: Thursday 17 November 2022, via Zoom

COP27 – trade unions and the climate and economic crises

A TUC conference on bold solutions to the energy, climate, and economic crises 

This is the TUC’s online event during COP27, to discuss what trade unions can and should be doing to win a rapid and just transition to a safe climate future.

With speakers Shavanah Taj (General Secretary, Wales TUC), Camille Barbagallo (Climate Justice Coalition), Caitlin Lee (Unite Hospitality workers’ branch, TBC), and more TBC.

Both our economy and our planet are in crisis.  

Bills, temperatures, and sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate. Nationally, the cost-of-living scandal is driving absolute poverty and forcing millions into increasingly desperate conditions. Globally, climate change is threatening the lives and livelihoods of billions of workers. These crises are parallel and interlinked. 

We urgently need politics that builds a safe climate for future generations, a rapid and just transition with quality jobs, and an economy that rewards work, not wealth. The TUC is convening a conference: two events, one in person and one online, that will coincide with COP 27 and bring trade unions and climate activists together to gather solutions. 

How do we combine our struggles for an equitable cost of living, workers’ rights, and a just transition to climate safety? 

Online Reps Conference: Thursday 17 November 2022, via Zoom

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