Hybrid Working/Return to the office from Home working

As you will be aware Stirling Council put in place Home and Hybrid Working Guidance some time ago to facilitate new ways of working and to enable the return to the workplace post covid. On the back of this, there has been work at a service level to consult with staff regarding what a return to work would look like for staff within services.

To date, TU’s other than having been reassured all staff were being engaged in this consultation has had little regard for feedback from services on what this would look like from service to service and how this will be managed given issues regarding office space, different ways of working from service to service, etc….. We raised this at the Council Tripartite yesterday on the back of rumours that had been circulating that all staff will be expected back in the office on some permanent/fixed basis within 2 weeks. This was confirmed in the meeting yesterday despite TU’s having had no sight of this communication and indeed service to service plans on what this will look like.

We have been advised that we will be sent this information and indeed the comm that has to go to all staff over the next week. Unfortunately at this stage, we cannot confirm what this will look like for individuals or services at this stage which we have to say is regretful.

We recognise that all workers are contracted to work from their place of work, however, we are concerned that expectations will have to be managed and some may not have their preferences met should they prefer hybrid or home working

We ask that if you have individual concerns regarding this that members contact us directly. In the meantime as soon as we have any further information we will update members at the soonest opportunity.