International worker’s memorial day

Today, Friday 28 April 2023, Stirling UNISON held a memorial day for those who have died at work. The day was well attended by UNISON members, stewards and officers. Also in attendance were some of the elected members and officers in Stirling Council.

Abigail Robertson gave a speech on Health and Safety at work.

“The theme this year is ‘Organising for Health and Safety’, and it is incumbent upon all of us to do just that. Pressures on our public services, our public purse have resulted in the erosion of our workforce and the dismantling of services designed to support individuals and our communities, at a time when the public have never needed us more. Society is struggling, ordinary people are poorer than ever and poverty is directly linked to mental health and other health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, crime, homelessness, hunger, desperation and all kinds of anti-social behaviours.”

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