Update April 2021

LG Pay 2021  

Preparations are underway for the consultative ballot and further campaign resources will be circulated in advance of the ballot opening.   

LG Hustings – Thursday 15th April, 7pm

Three of the five major parties have now confirmed they will send a representative to our online hustings event which will be live-streamed on Facebook. 

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LG ‘One Year of Covid’ Survey –  Members should have already received a national reminder, however please see link below

Return of schools 

As you will be aware nearly all pupils are due to return to full-time school when the Easter holidays end. 

However, children who are on the shielding list are advised to stay at home until 26 April, in line with advice from the Chief Medical Officer. All other pupils, will return to school once the summer term starts. 

Strict 2 metre physical distancing between pupils in secondary schools will be removed and schools will consider how they can strengthen other mitigations. 

Following the national expansion of lateral flow testing, twice-weekly tests are available for all school staff in primary, secondary and special schools and for secondary school pupils. 

More info on the return of schools here: 


Reassurance of Safety of COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test  

There have been inaccurate posts on social media and on-line regarding the safety of Covid-19 lateral flow tests in relation to the use of ethylene oxide in the sterilization of the swabs. We urge everyone to get their facts from reputable sources. 

Dr Fu-Meng Khaw, Public Health England COVID-19 Incident Director, said: 

 “Parents, children and staff should feel reassured that lateral flow tests used in schools have been rigorously tested and are completely safe to use on a regular basis. Any suggestion otherwise is inaccurate and harmful misinformation.” 

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said:  

“Lateral flow tests have been rigorously tested and are safe to use on a regular basis. Any suggestion otherwise is inaccurate and harmful misinformation. 

“The manufacturers have confirmed that 1-2ug/g of ethylene oxide is used in the swabs, which is well within national/international safety standards. 

“We are working closely with social media platforms to help them identify and take action to remove incorrect claims about the pandemic, including deliberately false information that could endanger people’s health.” 

Stage 2 Organising Stewards – new times

Due to tutor availability we are changing the times of the above course to the afternoon:

New Course Date/Time

Wednesday 12 May and Thursday 13 May 2021

1.00-4.30 pm each day

If any stewards are interested in attending this course please complete your accreditation please arrange for the below course application form to be completed and returned to activisteducationscotland@unison.co.uk.

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Scotland LGBT+ Newsletter – Spring 2021

Well what a year it has been. Sadly it has been one where many of our colleagues and family members have lost their lives to this dreadful pandemic. One year on, we commemorate with a minutes’ silence those who have been taken from us, and we honour those who have lost their lives whilst fighting to protect others on the frontline.
UNISON is One Team and every member plays their part in keeping services running. No matter what your job role, we are proud of every single one of you for your hard work and dedication to our public services.
We are heartened that the vaccination program gives us hope for the future and some light at the end of this very long tunnel. read more..

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