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We’re getting “back to normal” but WE MUST STAY ON GUARD
It’s July 19th and the Covid rules have been relaxed in Scotland.
Health experts are warning that it may be some time (if ever) before we
can say that the Pandemic is over. In the meantime, you must stay alert
to the virus and follow the guidelines below ….

Retired Members News April 2021

Public Services workers must not be made to pay for COVID ….

UNISON and other Unions have called on the UK and Scottish
Governments to ensure that all public services are adequately
rewarded as we move out of the Pandemic. The Unions insist that Local
Government and other public service workers have gone above and
beyond normal duties in response to the pandemic – and have kept local
services going in the most difficult of circumstances.

Scottish Disabled Members Committee Newsletter Spring 2021

Last year we published a Coronavirus edition bringing together the main disability and health & safety issues our members were facing as we recognised that branches were all consumed in their response to Covid-19.
In this edition Covid-19 remains a main focus as lessons are being learned from emerging experience and research and includes disabled members’ stories on working from home during Covid-19 and also recovering from long-term post-Covid-19 symptoms.
Tony Slaven, Chair

Scotland LGBT+ Newsletter – Spring 2021

Well what a year it has been. Sadly it has been one where many of our colleagues and family members have lost their lives to this dreadful pandemic. One year on, we commemorate with a minutes’ silence those who have been taken from us, and we honour those who have lost their lives whilst fighting to protect others on the frontline.
UNISON is One Team and every member plays their part in keeping services running. No matter what your job role, we are proud of every single one of you for your hard work and dedication to our public services.
We are heartened that the vaccination program gives us hope for the future and some light at the end of this very long tunnel. read more..

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