Scottish Union Learning has organised a summer programme.

Scottish Union Learning has organised a summer programme of learning for reps and union members to develop their skills and knowledge.

The following sessions are being offered over the months of July and August:

28th July – Presenting Yourself Online with LinkedIn

4th August – Deaf Awareness Session

12th August – Employment Law: An Introduction

19th August – Equalities Legislation: An Introduction

25th August – Women & Autism in the Workplace

31st August – Human Rights Legislation: An Overview

Please click here for more information, including times and a link to sign up to these sessions.

Long Covid – Return to work risk assessments

at workers with long covid who are able to  return to work have return to work risk assessments.

The TUC recently launched a report on long covid, calling for it to be recognised as a disability.  Amongst other issues the report highlights the need to ensure that workers with long covid who are able to  return to work have return to work risk assessments.
UNISON’s updated bargaining guidance contains information on long covid and again highlights the need for risk assessments to support members returning to work.  Safety reps should be involved in discussions around the safety of members returning to work with long covid. 

Ventilation Matters – Updated Coronavirus Guidance

With growing evidence of the airborne nature of coronavirus and concerns that the Delta variant is more easily spread, we have updated both our coronavirus webpage and our  ‘How to Work Safely’ guide to include more information on ventilation and what employers should be doing as part of their risk assessments.  

The Health and Safety Executive has additional guidance on ventilation including updated advice on using carbon dioxide meters which can be found on the link below.