Free Online Event ‘Spotlight on Business and Human Rights’ Tues 15 June 10am-12.30pm

Scrutiny’ – relevant to so much in public services around human rights issues, domestically and internationally.

New human rights law in Scotland, public spending and procurement and supply chains, tackling corruption, and how the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights can help promote transparency, accountability and scrutiny.

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These are all on the agenda for this important free online event on Tuesday 15 June ‘Spotlight on Business and Human Rights – Transparency, Accountability & Scrutiny’ – relevant to so much in public services around human rights issues, domestically and internationally.

Please do attend, if of interest, and/or pass details on to all you think may be interested. Full info, including a leaflet if of use, and registration link are here

The direct registration link is here on Eventbrite.

The event is organised by the Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland and supported by UNISON. Peter Hunter, Head of Organising, will be chairing and Gemma Freedman, from our International Unit in London, will be speaking on campaigning at UK level for a human rights due diligence ‘Failure to Prevent’ law. (More on this here )

Local Government Letter to Councilors


UNISON is currently making preparations for an Industrial Action Ballot of members, following the recent pay consultation result, where 87% of those participating rejected the employers offer and 74% indicating they are prepared to take strike action.

Whilst these arrangements are being put in place – we are asking members to contact Your Council’s Leader and we would suggest using the following format, to let them know why you deserve a decent pay rise.


  1. About your job
  2. How your job has changed during COVID
  3. But for you – what wouldn’t have been possible
  4. Why you believe your pay should be raised
  5. If you didn’t receive the £500 COVID reward payment – how this made your feel
  6. The Scottish Government have offered other public sector workers rises beyond their own pay policy. This is unfair, at the very least parity should apply. – this is both a moral and political issue.
  7. Homeworking – The employer has refused to pay the reasonable HMRC allowance of £6.00 per week (it’s a disgrace that workers are having to pay for service delivery).

Who to contact?

Scott Farmer (SNP) as Council Leader and
Email address:
Stirling Council, Old Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET

Danny Gibson (Labour) as Depute Leader.Email address:
Stirling Council, Old Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET

Any decision to improve the current offer will be taken by Council Leaders across Scotland.

Please take a few minutes to send this communication, it will ensure a clear message from our members is delivered directly.


Lorraine Thompson
Branch Secretary


LG Pay Update May 2021

As you will be aware UNISON wrote to COSLA Leaders last week following the outcome of our consultative ballot and in advance of their meeting on Friday 30th April.  We were hopeful that they might have factored in the strength of feeling amongst our membership and make an improved pay offer.

However, the SJC Steering Group met yesterday and were disappointed to be told that Leaders had decided not to do anything at all until the outcome of the Holyrood elections were known and a new government in place, at which point they will again ask the Scottish Government for more money for local authorities to improve the offer.

UNISON pointed out that we had been campaigning for more money for local authorities for over a year and there was little sign of movement from the Scottish Government on this issue.  We also pointed out that our members pay implementation date has been and gone and any further delay to a pay uplift, and consequential backdating, has the potential to create difficulty for members on benefits and that additionally COSLA need to be cognisant of the fact that they, rather than the Scottish Government,  are the employer.  Members can only take a dispute with their employer, not a third party, and Leaders need to be aware that two of the three SJC trade unions have members telling them that they are willing to take some form of action.

Your UNISON local government Chairs met yesterday and agreed to issue a press statement.  ‘You can read that here: