Updates 27 April

Pay ballot – ONLY 48 HOURS TO GO 

There are now less than 48 hours left for members to vote in the Local Government pay ballot.

Don’t Delay Vote Today Only Days Left Vote to reject – vote Yes for Strike Action Ballot closes 28 April Members can vote using this link https://unison.tfaforms.net/190

HR Advice on vaccination 

Please find attached a Human Resources Advisory Circular which has been issued to HR Directors across all local authorities and provides advice about how employees might be supported to participate in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Shielding advice and support 

The gov.scot website has been updated with existing and more detailed advice for people on the shielding list on going to work, to support them to return to work from today if they can’t work from home. Coronavirus (COVID-19): shielding advice and support – gov.scot (www.gov.scot) 

This includes existing advice from the Chief Medical Officer about working at levels 3 and 4; guidance on employers responsibilities to carry out regular workplace risk assessments and make the workplace safe for everyone; and advice to carry out individual risk assessments to highlight personal risks and consider any other changes needed.  More detailed advice about How to Keep Yourself Safe at Work has been added which outlines things people on the shielding list or their household members can do to keep themselves safer in the context of existing and current policy.  This has been developed in conjunction with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine 

Updated guidance for Museums, Galleries and Heritage Attractions 

As venues start to re-open the guidance for museums, galleries and heritage attractions has been update.  You can find the updated guidance below and here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for museums, galleries and heritage attractions – gov.scot (www.gov.scot) 

Revised guidance on calculating physical distancing 

The guidance on calculating physical distancing has also been updated and can be found here:  

Coronavirus (COVID-19): calculating physical distancing capacity in public settings – gov.scot (www.gov.scot) 

A key paragraph to note is: 

This guidance is based on physical distancing standards which have been in place since summer 2020 and the guidance in this document does not change the policy or regulatory position on physical distancing requirements. This guidance is designed to support public settings to consider their capacity taking into account these existing requirements. Where premises have fully considered physical distancing rules in line with their sectoral guidance and taking account of their unique business layouts and flows we do not expect premises to adjust these calculations. 

UNISON Updates April 2021

Pay Ballot

There is only a week left to go on the ballot so it’s important members contact the branch asap if they have not yet received their ballot.

One Year of Covid Survey 

The press release issued for our One Year of Covid survey can be found here: 

It has already received some coverage: 


We have sent this to all Council Leaders but have yet to receive a single response.  We also raised it today at the SJC Steering Group. 

Covid Updates: