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Update your details at My Unison

Changed your name, job title, phone number, email address or anything else then you should let us know. Just log into your My Unison account using your membership number and make the changes.

Registration for UNISON members

Members will need their UNISON membership number to register with My UNISON. You can find this in the welcome pack you received when you joined UNISON or on your membership card or you can contact us online to find out.

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Organising Space

Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram? Then check out UNISON’s secure social learning microsite exclusively for our activists and staff.

The Organising Space is a secure and safe online resource developed to support our activist and organising communities. It aims to support building relationships and sharing knowledge, learning and experiences.

The space allows us to share content, have discussions, ask experts and seek support from our peers.

The Organising Space encourages the sharing of content that is innovative, creative, flexible, interactive and dynamic.

If you want to join the Organising Space you will need a MyUNISON account (sign up here).