H&S and Disabled Members webinar 09 Dec.

UNISON’s H&S Committee and its Disabled Members Committee planned to host a face-to-face webinar in December on several covid-related topics.

Unfortunately, due to planned rail action on Fridays/Saturdays throughout December, we have had to change this to an online MS Teams event.

We’ve also decided to split the content and run it over three separate webinars, with the remaining two taking place in the first half of 2023.

The webinar is being held on 9th December 2023, between 10:30am to 12:30pm, and is an employment law session by Thompson’s solicitors giving you a chance to get some top advice in relation to covid-related cases you’re involved in, and will also include an update on emerging case law.

There will also be a very brief update on Year of Disabled Workers to advise you of some ‘asks’ that UNISON’s General Secretary Christina McAnea is asking of all branches.

Use this link to register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/465070507407

We hope you register for the event and hope to see you on the 9th.

Hybrid Working/Return to the office from Home working

As you will be aware Stirling Council put in place Home and Hybrid Working Guidance some time ago to facilitate new ways of working and to enable the return to the workplace post covid. On the back of this, there has been work at a service level to consult with staff regarding what a return to work would look like for staff within services.

To date, TU’s other than having been reassured all staff were being engaged in this consultation has had little regard for feedback from services on what this would look like from service to service and how this will be managed given issues regarding office space, different ways of working from service to service, etc….. We raised this at the Council Tripartite yesterday on the back of rumours that had been circulating that all staff will be expected back in the office on some permanent/fixed basis within 2 weeks. This was confirmed in the meeting yesterday despite TU’s having had no sight of this communication and indeed service to service plans on what this will look like.

We have been advised that we will be sent this information and indeed the comm that has to go to all staff over the next week. Unfortunately at this stage, we cannot confirm what this will look like for individuals or services at this stage which we have to say is regretful.

We recognise that all workers are contracted to work from their place of work, however, we are concerned that expectations will have to be managed and some may not have their preferences met should they prefer hybrid or home working

We ask that if you have individual concerns regarding this that members contact us directly. In the meantime as soon as we have any further information we will update members at the soonest opportunity.


Online Reps Conference: Thursday 17 November 2022, via Zoom

COP27 – trade unions and the climate and economic crises

A TUC conference on bold solutions to the energy, climate, and economic crises 

This is the TUC’s online event during COP27, to discuss what trade unions can and should be doing to win a rapid and just transition to a safe climate future.

With speakers Shavanah Taj (General Secretary, Wales TUC), Camille Barbagallo (Climate Justice Coalition), Caitlin Lee (Unite Hospitality workers’ branch, TBC), and more TBC.

Both our economy and our planet are in crisis.  

Bills, temperatures, and sea levels are rising at an unprecedented rate. Nationally, the cost-of-living scandal is driving absolute poverty and forcing millions into increasingly desperate conditions. Globally, climate change is threatening the lives and livelihoods of billions of workers. These crises are parallel and interlinked. 

We urgently need politics that builds a safe climate for future generations, a rapid and just transition with quality jobs, and an economy that rewards work, not wealth. The TUC is convening a conference: two events, one in person and one online, that will coincide with COP 27 and bring trade unions and climate activists together to gather solutions. 

How do we combine our struggles for an equitable cost of living, workers’ rights, and a just transition to climate safety? 

Online Reps Conference: Thursday 17 November 2022, via Zoom

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cop27-trade-unions-and-the-climate-and-economic-crises-tickets-440371291387

St Andrew’s Day March and Rally Against Racism


St Andrew’s Day March and Rally Against Racism
We demand change!

Saturday, 26 November 2022  Assemble 10.30 am: Glasgow Green
March off 11.00 am
Rally 12 noon: Renfield Centre, Bath Street

Bring your banners and flags!   This is a crucial year for the fight against racism. The Sheku Bayoh Family Justice Campaign needs our continuing support, we must fight the racist UK Government immigration policy and rhetoric. And we face a cost of living crisis and attacks on pay that disproportionately impact black workers.    Mobilise for the march and rally

Forward this email to branches  Request printed copies of the 2022 poster by emailing info@stuc.org.uk Posters and Social media assets will be available from 10th November on the STUC website Join STUC’s dedicated mailing list for the Support the Sheku Bayoh campaign  Visit the STUC’s Sheku Bayoh Family Support website for details of the vigil on 22nd November and other events
Individuals can donate to the campaign through the Justice for Sheku Bayoh crowdfunder set up by the family. Unions, union branches, and other organisations can send cheques payable to STUC, 8 Landressy Street, Glasgow G40 1BP (please mark the envelope ‘Sheku Bayoh Family Justice) or email info@stuc.org.uk for bank transfer details.

LG Pay Implementation Update

We advised we would keep you up to date on further implementations regarding the LG pay implementation. As advised previously Stirling Council is working towards having the LG pay settlement implemented in Novembers pay including back pay.  We have been advised yesterday that an additional 1-day of annual leave will be paid for term-time workers in January and for those that will receive this an additional day of annual leave when this will be added soon to your annual leave entitlement, however, we were further advised yesterday by the employer that their interpretation and the lack of reference to a leave year in the COSLA circular, to mean this is a decision for individual authorities to make, as COSLA are aware Local Authorities operate different leave years. Recognising the entitlement to the additional day commenced 1st April 2022, they are proposing to pro-rata this according to a leave year, which runs January to December thus meaning that for this year 2022 Stirling council staff will only receive three-quarters of a day’s leave entitlement. Thereafter staff would then see a full day added to their entitlement, ahead of every new leave year. This is not our interpretation of what was agreed with COSLA  and we are now raising/seeking further clarity on this directly with COSLA.

We have attached guidance on universal credit in line with that issued last year – there is, unfortunately, little that can be done by either the employer or ourselves to mitigate the impact of this on universal credit arrangements as those are governed by HMRC rules, however, should this give you significant concern regarding the impact the pay settlement backdated pay may have on your universal credit we would advise that you contact HR/payroll directly to see what support/help can be given to mitigate any potential loss.

I n relation to the payment of SSSC fees backdated to April 2022 whilst we are also awaiting further information on when/how this will be implemented and how this will be paid/backdated to members we have since heard that the SSSC will be managing any backdated refunds and this process going forward. It is extremely frustrating and unacceptable that UNISON has had to hear this secondhand and has had no communication to date from COSLA regarding this. In the meantime, until you hear otherwise if you are due to pay SSSC fees you must pay them.

Once we have further information on any developments we will keep you updated at the soonest opportunity.